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Beyond 20/20 with Wavefront Technology

The next revolution in LASIK laser vision correction surgery are customized treatments, developing individualized software treatment plans for each patient, based upon the very unique shape and visual characteristics of that person's eye.

Custom LASIK involves creating a truly sophisticated corneal map of the eye and then combining that with an analysis of the visual system of the eye utilizing Wavefront technology. Wavefront technology utilizes a visual Wavefront analyzer or aberrometer to study the way your eye bends light rays to improve your visual quality potential.


The Potential Benefits of Custom LASIK:

Greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision
Greater chance of achieving better than 20/20 vision
Reduced chance of losing best corrected vision
Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity
Reduced chance of night vision disturbances and glare
Increased ability to restore best corrected vision if healing problems develop

Custom LASIK not only improves the potential for 20/20 vision, it has the potential to restore eyes to better than 20/20 vision. The visual system is actually capable of seeing 20/10 or better, that is letters twice as small as the 20/20 letters on an eyechart. Most people cannot see beyond 20/20 because of very subtle imperfections within their visual system. Wavefront technology allows the surgeon to first map these subtle visual imperfections and then develop a laser treatment plan to correct them. The first patients ever treated worldwide with Custom LASIK were in July 1999. Using Wavefront technology in the European trials a high percentage of patients treated with Custom LASIK were able to achieve better than 20/20 vision, and even those that did not, still appreciated improvements in their night vision and contrast sensitivity.

" Custom LASIK utilizes Wavefront technology to correct not only the prescription of the eye but to treat any subtle imperfections within the visual system to improve both the safety and visual outcome potential for patients."

Custom LASIK takes into account the curvature and smoothness of each cornea, the thickness of the cornea, any astigmatism and the pattern of that astigmatism, and an individual's pupil size. Wavefront technology analyzes the entire visual system from the corneal surface through the crystalline lens of the eye, all the way back to the retina. It actually looks at the whole eye and the way in which that eye sees the world to develop a truly personalized laser treatment plan. Wavefront analysis occurs across the entire 6mm optical center and represents a far more detailed assessment of the visual system, optimizing any imperfections to create the most ideal laser vision correction treatment pattern specific for that individual. Therefore, Wavefront technology not only provides more precise information for the treatment plan but far more information than ever before across several hundred points within the central vision zone to be treated.

Currently, all patients with - 4.00 diopters of myopia, for example, are treated with a standard LASIK program for that degree of nearsightedness. However, each patient may differ in their precise corneal shape, their corneal thickness and their pupil size, as well as any number of other variables not accounted for routinely in standard LASIK programs. While standard LASIK programs work wonderfully, the advantages of Custom LASIK cannot be overstated. Custom LASIK will create the ideal pattern for each patient taking a multitude of variables into account. Instead of utilizing just the information from your prescription and a single central reading of a corneal curvature map, Custom LASIK analyzes the entire visual system and develops a Wavefront Map that truly analyzes the cornea and visual system across hundreds and hundreds of points within the central vision zone. Each point mapped then guides the laser beam to provide the most ideal vision correction profile.