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    Dr. Jeffery Machat

A proven professional and an acknowledged leader in his field, Dr. Jeffery Machat is both pioneer, and the measure upon which excellence in laser surgery can be based. The National Medical Director and Co-Founder of TLC Laser Eye Centers, Dr. Machat has gone on to build a strong practice, and a well-earned reputation.

"This truly ranks as the most exciting, fruitful and poignant experience that I could ever expect to have."
Patricia Downey, Toronto, ON

Known for the outstanding achievements he has incurred in pursuit of professional excellence, Dr. Machat has never forgotten the many all-important elements and "small touches", that make his patients feel at ease: the well-trained team that attends his patients, the state-of-the-art equipment that graces his surgery, the warm, friendly approachable manner in which he relates to all his patients, and, of course, his own professional faith in this remarkable procedure.

A few of Dr. Machatís VIP patients have included (from top): Terry Meussen (Anchor 700 Club), Bob Rae (former Ontario Premier), Dan Meyers (President - North America Ophthamlmics CIBA Vision Corporation) Michael Wilson (former Finance Minister), Dr. Anthony Sensoli, MD, Dr. Brad Britton, Dr. Scott Jaben, Dr. John Mitchell, MD, and Dr. Randel Rabon (LASIK Surgeons from Michigan, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennesse).