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"The application of Wavefront Technology truly represents the next milestone in LASIK Vision Correction, improving vision potential beyond 20/20."

Wavefront Technology was developed at the University of Heidelberg by astrophysicist Josef Bille Ph.D., and truly represents the next major medical breakthrough in laser vision correction. Wavefront technology has the ability to customize each LASIK treatment pattern to remove even the smallest visual irregularities and potentially achieve 20/10 vision for patients. For over a decade scientists have been developing Wavefront technology for astronomical applications, to remove the distortion effects of an imperfect atmosphere to dramatically improve their view of the universe through a telescopic lens. Based on the principles of adaptive optics, Wavefront technology removes any visual distortion or irregularity from an optical path in order to bring an object into perfect focus. Wavefront technology has now been applied to vision correction, by eliminating not only the eyes' prescription (refractive properties) but any aberrations or irregularities within the eye's visual system, to potentially improve vision beyond 20/20.

More important than better vision results is improved safety, reducing the chance for losing best-corrected vision and increasing the chance of restoring best-corrected vision.

Dr. Machat was the first surgeon in Canada to offer Custom LASIK, and one of a handful of surgeons in the world with this unique technology capability, felt truly to be the next milestone in LASIK laser vision correction. As National Medical Director for TLC Laser Centers, Dr. Machat heads their Custom LASIK center at BCE Place in downtown Toronto.

In March 2000, TLC Custom LASIK Centre began providing personalized LASIK vision correction treatment programs. Utilizing flying spot technology scanning a 0.5mm-2.0mm beam across the cornea at 50 to 200 pulses per second, combined with eye-tracking technology and linked to a Wavefront Analyzer, the flying spot laser systems will allow each point within the central cornea to be treated individually and precisely. That is, flying spot technology possesses the flexibility to create an infinite number of treatment patterns to not only correct virtually any prescription with the largest treatment zones, but very subtle irregularities as well, to attain superior visual quality.

Dr. Machat was the lead North American investigator and was one of the first three LASIK surgeons in the world to have his center equipped with the newly advanced Technolas 217Z system for Wavefront-guided LASIK, known as Zyoptix® (the other two were located in Italy and Germany). The OrbScan II 2D corneal analyzer is linked to the ZyWave wavefront analyzer for true Custom Lasik. Since beginning our clinical trials with the 217Z in March 2000, several hundred procedures have been performed.

Dr. Machat is one of a small handful of investigators for the LaserSight LSX ASTRA® system creating more natural aspherical ablation patterns for Custom LASIK. The LaserSight ASTRA® system integrates both wavefront and 3D topographical mapping data from the TopoWave® visual analyzer for the correction of regular and even irregular corneas. This will be available in the fall of 2001.

Dr. Machat will be one of the two surgeons in Canada to have the Autonomous LADARVision CustomCornea® system designed to create an individualized laser treatment pattern for patients. The Autonomous LADARVision system is based upon the most sophisticated eyetracking platform known, developed from "STAR WARS" military applications, it allows for extremely precise laser pulse application for their CustomCornea® Wavefront guided LASIK. The FDA clinical trials will begin at BCE place July 2001.

Eyetracking technology with three scanning lasers provides the ability to lock on the cornea and factor out patient eye movement. It is not only reassuring for patients but vital in achieving superior visual results.

Early clinical data from both Europe and North America Wavefront systems demonstrated superb clinical results, and these latest advancements in Wavefront guided LASIK with all three scanning laser systems should easily surpass all that has been achieved with LASIK in the past few years.

Custom LASIK takes LASIK to the next level of visual success, with lower potential for complications and greater potential for perfect vision.

This is the most revolutionary advance to occur to vision correction surgery since LASIK was introduced several years ago. For patients who have more complex prescriptions, or unusual corneal shapes or who simply want the very best technology has to offer, Custom LASIK will offer substantial benefits. Higher potential for perfect vision and lower potential for visual complications are the two primary benefits touted for the Custom LASIK approach.

A word of caution: No laser can guarantee visual results, or eliminate surgical complications or even assure normal healing but these technologies bring astounding potential to what many already consider the miracle of LASIK Vision Correction. Custom Lasik has only recently been introduced so improvements are expected over the next few years. Furthermore, while preliminary clinical results have been superb in our hands, secondary procedures have been more common and patients are reminded that this is new technology.