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Dr. Machat combines a decade of clinical experience with Laser vision correction with the most advanced excimer laser and microkeratome technology for LASIK. While most patients do not appreciate the technology available at Dr. Machat's clinic, many do, particularly other doctors who seek out not only his surgical expertise but the advantages that more advanced technology has to offer, providing potentially safer and better visual results.


Advanced Laser Technology
While most laser surgeons who perform LASIK have very limited experience with various excimer laser technologies, Dr. Machat has utilized more than a dozen models from 6 different laser manufacturers. Furthermore, most laser centers only have one type of excimer laser, whereas Dr. Machat has access to three of the most sophisticated excimer lasers available in the world today. Therefore he has had the benefit of not only being able to decide on the best technology for his clinic but the added advantage of being able to select the most ideal laser system for each patient.

Each laser system at the TLC Custom LASIK center has very advanced capabilities:

Scanning excimer lasers for smoothness and improved visual quality
Flying spot technology for precision and refractive accuracy
Correction of any prescription: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism
Larger optical zones for reduced night glare/font>
Eyetracking technology for safety and improved vision results
Flying spot technology for precision and refractive accuracy
Custom LASIK capabilities for improved visual potential beyond 20/20

The Technolas 217Z, LaserSight LSX , and the Autonomous LADARVISION laser systems are scanning systems utilizing flying spot technology to correct virtually every prescription and corneal shape imaginable. While the Technolas 217Z scans a 1-2mm spot over a 8-9mm zone, the Autonomous and LaserSight lasers scan a 0.5mm to 1mm beam over at least a 7mm treatment area reducing night glare significantly compared to standard Summit and Visx broad beam lasers. As discussed earlier, unlike many lasers, these laser systems use highly sophisticated eyetracking systems to ensure each patient's treatment is perfectly centered, providing an added level of safety and accuracy which allows Dr. Machat's patients to feel more secure and comfortable.

Dr. Machat is able to select the most ideal laser system for each patient based upon their prescription, pupil size, corneal thickness, corneal shape as well as a variety of other clinical parameters. Furthermore, the Autonomous LADARVISION laser, the LaserSight LSX and the Technolas 217Z that Dr. Machat possesses all have Custom LASIK capabilities, allowing him to perform Wavefront and Topography guided LASIK.