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Consultations, Wavefront Testing and Treatment

Clinical Director: Dr. Sondra Black OD
Surgeon: Dr. Jeffery J. Machat, TLC National Medical Director
  30,000 LASIK procedures
  6000 PRK procedures
  Two textbooks; Excimer Laser Refractive Surgery: Practice & Principles 1996 and The Art of LASIK 1998
  Experienced on 15 excimer laser systems from 7 manufacturers including Summit, Visx, Technolas, Nidek, LaserSight, Autonomous, and Wavelight.
Location: Toronto , Canada
BCE Place
181 Bay Street, #150
Toronto, Canada M5J 2T3
Telephone Numbers: 416-362-2733
New Patient Inquiries: Susan Achal, Front Office Manager and Director of Patient Care
Post-Refractive Surgery Patient Inquiries: Linda Park, Director of Complex Cases
Fax Number: 416-362-1370
WEB Site:


New patients are scheduled for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures on Thursdays and Fridays, but it is important to note that wavefront analysis and surgical planning must be completed 1 day to 3 months in advance.

Post-refractive surgery patients are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays for consultation, testing and possible retreatment surgery. In general, a complex case form must be completed and forwarded to our facility for review prior to scheduling and an information package will be sent out which includes a clinical update, informed consent forms as well as scheduling details, hotel and travel information. Patients should recognize that it is only following consultation and testing that surgical planning decisions can be made and it is possible that no surgery will be performed, surgery is recommended but at a later date, surgery is performed the following day on one eye or both eyes. Other surgical and non-surgical options will also be offered including those available at other TLC and non-TLC centers.