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Dr. Machat graduated from Medical school in 1986 and completed his subspecialty in Ophthalmology in 1990. Upon graduation, Dr. Machat developed a highly specialized practice in laser vision correction, and has been tireless in his efforts to refine his techniques.
A Career of Achievements . . .

Dr. Machat travelled to Germany and Italy in 1991 to learn PRK techniques and to Columbia, South America to learn LASIK in 1994. Certified on the Summit, VISX, Chiron, Nidek Autonomous and LaserSight excimer laser systems, since 1991, Dr. Machat has performed well over 34,000 laser refractive procedures, including 6,000 PRK surface procedures and more than 28,000 LASIK procedures as of January 2001.

A well-regarded expert in laser corrective surgery, Dr. Machat has also chosen to share his knowledge through professional papers he has written and lectures - including those lectures conducted at International Laser conferences in such places as South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Jordan, Italy, Spain and France. As well, he has provided state-of-the-art training in laser refractive surgery to hundreds of surgeons around the world.

Dr. Machat is also the primary author of two important textbooks: Excimer Laser Refractive Surgery: Practice and Principles and The Art of LASIK. As a complement to his practice, Dr. Machat has also been instrumental in developing software, techniques and surgical instruments for both PRK and LASIK..