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Dr. Machat, co-founder of TLC, has appeared in numerous local and national newspapers and has been written up in various business and lifestyle magazines including a feature article in Physicians Practice, (a John Hopkins publication).

As an innovator, and the first to perform LASIK in Toronto in 1994 (more than 2 years in advance of his Toronto colleagues), Dr. Machat has received outstanding media coverage both at home and abroad. He has lectured at AAO, ISRS and ASCRS. He has been quoted in Ophthalmology Times, Ocular Surgery News, and the journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He has been featured on CNN and The 700 Club, TSN, Global, City TV, as well as many other television and newspaper reports on laser vision correction, including the Globe & Mail and National Post. In addition, Dr. Machat has been featured in such high-profile magazines as Toronto Life, Canadian Business Magazine and Canadian Living Magazine.

Every week at his Toronto practice Dr. Machat performs over 100 LASIK procedures, and has experienced less than 1 in 2000 incidence of surgical flap complications. His patients come from not only Toronto and throughout Ontario, but from other parts of Canada and every state within the U.S.A. Patients have travelled from even farther, including Bermuda, Grand Cayman, England, Belgium, South Africa and Hong Kong. Among Dr. Machat's patients are high profile politicians, corporate leaders, and celebrities within the sport, entertainment and media fields. The ultimate accolade, however, comes from more than 300 doctors including neurosurgeons and ophthalmic surgeons who, in recognition of his outstanding expertise, have elected Dr. Machat as their laser corrective surgeon of choice.

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