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Zyoptix® at Milan Videorefractiva Meeting

On March 25, Dr. Machat was featured via satellite at the Milan VideoRefractiva Meeting, as well as live on the Internet, performing this precedent-setting procedure. Dr. Casey Tepperman, O.D. was the patient for this landmark procedure. Casey was -5.25 and -6.25 pre-operatively and measured 20/30-2 at five minutes post-op and was driving within hours. By Day 1, Casey was 20/15 with superb qualitative vision. More than 10,000 ophthalmologists tuned in around the world. The program can be viewed courtesy of Bausch & Lomb at CityTV also filmed the procedure live and interviewed Casey about his experience and what he feels Custom LASIK offers his patients. Casey at three months was 20/15 at distance with "no glare" and a visual quality "better than my contacts".